Feng Shui for prosperity & positive energy in 2019

We all want to be successful and be prosperous either personally, either professionally or in love or at all levels of life. I invite you to stop for a few minutes and ask how hard you want prosperity in your life and try to define what success means to you.

To help you in 2019, I tell you that in order to gain prosperity, you have to want it with passion. And to be successful, you need to build what it means to you. To begin with, I present a set of 8 ideas that you can apply immediately to attract abundance and increase your prosperity.

In Feng Shui, the orientation points of a space, home, office play the most important role in the correct practice of this science.

The first step to get quick results is to set the guidelines correctly. For this, you need a compass to accurately point your cardinal points. Each cardinal point or directions is associated with an element: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.

To practice the Feng Shui 2019 principles for prosperity and clarity, you need to know which element is associated with each direction. At the same time, colors mean energy and their correct association with each cardinal point increases the abundance.

8 Feng Shui ideas for prosperity and attract abundance on all levels

Below, I present the 8 basic ideas for releasing stagnant energy and creating the positive energy that will lead you to success on all levels:

1. The North

It symbolizes career success. If you activate this sector, it is easy to get professional success. Instead, if the North is disrupted, there may be bottlenecks and obstacles that prevent success. The element associated with the North direction is water. Therefore, this sector can be activated with water details such as aquarium, decorative fountain, paintings with water elements or colors like blue, black, violet, silver.

2. North-East Sector

It is the sector responsible for success in education and personal development. If activated correctly, this sector has a huge potential. This direction is governed by the earth element and you can activate it with symbols such as: a mountain image, crystals and / or pottery, and the associated colors are beige, yellow, ocher, brown, red.

3. The East Sector

It is the sector associated with health, longevity. This direction corresponds to the element Wood, and for activation I invite you to use lush plants, bambuits, pictures with trees or wooded mountains. You can also use colors like green, brown, blue, black, turquoise, lilac.

4. Feng Shui for Prosperity – South East Sector

We all ask: How can we earn more? How do we draw more money into our lives? If you want a salary increase and, of course, financial prosperity, take care of the South East. It brings growth, expansion and wealth. If it is disturbed, it loses financial and asset losses. Light and cleanliness in this sector increases the positive energy flow and attracts the energy of abundance. This sector is governed by the wood element – money-associated element and feng shui for prosperity. Green, healthy plants therefore play a very important role if they are located here, bringing financial opportunities. Besides plants, you can also place water elements, flower curtains, floral wallpaper in this sector. Do not forget that this area of your home or office space is always airy, lighted to create a vibrant energy.

5. South Sector

It affects the good fortune of recognition. A successful career and financial prosperity go hand in hand with recognition. If this sector is strengthened, it brings us a celebrity and a good reputation. Instead, if disrupted, it attracts public shame and public mood. The South sector is governed by the Fire element, and the associated colors are red, purple, orange, brown. Fire does not exist by itself, it must be created, just as a good reputation is created by assiduity and integrity. In this sector, for activation, you can place scented candles, plants, bird paintings.

6. South West Sector

According to the Chinese living principles, the family is the centerpiece of success and aspirations, and a man’s life makes no sense if he is not a family member. The Southwestern sector represents mother’s luck, love, marriage, relationships. If it is affected, relationships suffer. Instead, if it is activated, it attracts happiness in the couple. The element that governs this sector is the earth, so it works with crystals, decorative pottery pots, urns that attract positive chi / energy, geodes, lights, crystal chandeliers. The fireplace can be located in this sector of the house. The colors associated with the Southwest are: yellow, mustard, orange, pink, red. When the southwestern direction enjoys a good Feng shui, the family lives in harmony: the husbands enjoy understanding and there are no rivalries among the brothers.

7. The West Sector

He is responsible for the luck of children and offspring. Proper activation of this sector brings health, and disruption affects women in the family. The West direction is governed by the metal element, and the associated colors are white, gold, silver. To activate the good luck for this sector, I recommend using symbols such as: metal bells, silver objects, golden curtains, circular curtains, paintings with children, or lotus flowers.

8. North West Sector

The last but not the last sector I want to talk about is the Northwest sector. Just as the Southwest is the sector that corresponds to the mother, the Northwest is the sector that corresponds to the father, the other important member, the head of the family. This sector of the home is probably the most important because the luck of the father influences the luck of all its members. Because the father is the material supporter, his luck determines the luck of the whole family. The direction of the father corresponds to the metal element, and the associated colors are: white, gold, silver, yellow.

To turn on and energize, the Northwest recommends hanging the six-arm metal bells, placing crystals, precious stones or shimmering stones here. Activating this sector brings help from influential and important people.

By applying  Feng Shui 2019 principles for prosperity, you release the stagnant energy and activate Positive Chi / Positive Energy for each sector and so necessary for personal growth and development. By applying the principles described above, you will gain not only a healthy financial state, but you will enjoy a successful career, you will wisely choose the paths appropriate to your personal development, you will have recognition and fame, you will feel the harmony in your family life and in your relationships, you will have the mentor of luck and, last but not least, you will shine health.

I want to end this article, not before remembering that in order to attract abundance and success to all aspects of your life, you need a general mental cleanliness and a general cleanliness of the space you live in. But, on these issues, we will discuss more in the following article, which I will be glad to invite you to read.

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