2019 horoscope for all zodiac signs

According to this page https://www.yearly-horoscope.org/2019-horoscope/ ,  the year 2019 will be marked by two important aspects. The retrograde of Mars, the planet of action, in Capricorn and Aquarius, between June 29 and August 28.

This means that all plans to change the status will be remixed. Everything we think of a certain function, an authority will get new valences next summer, said Daniela Simulescu in the interview exclusively for annieday.club .

Horoscope 2019 for each zodiac

Aries. A good year in which you will give up the partners that limit you and offer you nothing. 2019 is suitable for financial investment and change of function.

Taurus. High chances to get rid of loneliness. Jupiter will help you meet an important person or formalize your current relationship. You will face old beliefs about life and you will need to change them.

Gemini. Aspects will be favorable for finding a better job, but also for a lot of effort. Get rid of the limitations of interactions with the important people in your life.

Cancer. Either you will have children, or most of the major events will come from the children. More unpleasant news from the partner.

Leo. Support to buy a house, a place of yours. Otherwise it will be a tiring year, with a lot of work and without much fun.

Virgo. You will have to go to a course, learn something new and get a diploma. Also, think about a series of trips. They will be beneficial to you. You will become another man.

Libra. You earn more money, but you also spend it. The partner will have more claims from you during the summer. The end of the year comes with an investment.

Scorpio. You are the favorite of 2019. Trust will be at high odds and you will do everything you can. A lot of patience and courage.

Sagittarius. Get rid of Saturn’s tests, you’re easy to come back and you’ll start living without fear. Learn to manage your funds better and do not mind if you do not get the desired wage increase so easily.

Capricorn. A year of more popularity and radical decisions. You will remove everything that is not authentic in your life. A lot of friends.

Aquarius. Career will be the most important. Surely the bosses will have very good proposals for you. If you are alone, do not refuse any invitation to the city.
Pisces. I recommend that your priority be the daily routine. Service, Domestic Obligations and more. Possible health problems for loved ones

If 2017 stood under the sign of a discreet game between Cardinal and Mutabil, and 2018 brought with itself, at least towards its end, a strong mark on the signs of Water and Earth, this year 2019 promises to break this pattern.

Uranus’ inscription in the Taurus sign of mid-May brings the Fixed signs to the forefront, and Jupiter’s entry into his diurnal home, Sagittarius, strengthens the dominance of Mutabile energy set up in 2014.

It is therefore a year of 2018 sedimentation of the changes that had occurred a place for some time now, but also opening up to new horizons once we have clarified what our current position is.

But as the atmosphere of a year is not judged on the basis of only two cosmic events, I invite you to take a general look at it.

Jupiter (Scorpio) sextil Pluto (Capricorn): No more scares me

At the beginning, mid and end of 2018, Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio adheres to a harmonious sexist aspect with Capricorn’s Pluto sign.

Although the energy potential of this configuration is discreet, its recurrence this year makes it worth mentioning in the general astrological characterization of 2018. Individually, those who have explored (Jupiter) their sexual side, fears, frustrations and Scorpio between 2012 and 2015, when Saturn moved through the sign of Scorpio, can come to turn to those situations where the status quo (Capricorn) shakes the plight of a sector of their lives.

What we have gained during that transit, knowing our own limits, allows us to turn into a truce any scenario that once brought us to the brink of a fall.

Collectively, this astral conjuncture can manifest itself as a two-edged sword. In the most fortunate case, he supports law enforcement (Jupiter) attempts to bring to justice the corrupt (Scorpio) facts of the Capricorn officials who have abused (Pluto) the power they have been given.

The grim scenario would be that the bodies that should impose justice (Jupiter) sweep beneath the carpet (Scorpio) the high-ranking dignitaries (Capricorn) who have used their authority for questionable purposes (Pluto) truly ample. In a word, one can say that we either have a sustained anti-corruption struggle, or we face situations in which the law reaches out to favor interest groups against which, at least theoretically, they should fight. Thus, either we unhook or drown ourselves.

Jupiter (Scorpio) triangle Neptune (Pisces): Pain frees us

In the last month of spring and last summer, the harmonious look of the trine between Jupiter of the Scorpio and Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Just like last year, understanding (Jupiter) of our own anguish, selflessness and obsession (Scorpio) can help us release (Neptune) souls (Pisces) from their burden. Only by becoming acquainted with that side of ours we can reach our true potential.

On a mundane scale, there is a tendency that the conscious peoples (Jupiter) of the desperate situation in which they find themselves (Scorpio) hope in the so-called spiritual masters (Neptune) or people posing in martyrs (Neptune) who promise to bring salvation (Pisces). This configuration might have only a seemingly positive potential on this plane, which can make us victims of illusions.

Uranus in Taurus: the price of progress

The first astral incident this year is the passing of Uranus in the sign of Taurus that takes place in mid-May. Although it is a transatlantic planet that does not necessarily influence every native individual, we may still notice attitudes and personal changes.

So we may feel the need to modernize us (Uranus), at least to a certain extent financially (Taurus): we pay more with the card, we shop more often on the Internet, we use more Bitcoin virtual currency.

We may therefore find that we are using less and less cash and that we are increasingly relying on technology when it comes to payments. This is how we can opt for paying our taxes and even online maintenance, without going to the offices of the public institutions or until the office manager’s office.

Collectively, a period of revolution in the global financial system could begin. The last time he was in this sign, rationalization has replaced the currency, and inflation has ravaged.

Being in an age of technology and digital, it is too likely to lobby (Uranus) for the use of virtual coins (Taurus), a sign that liquid money is becoming easy and easy a vestige of the past. However, the fact that pre-privatized finances are gradually replaced by figures on monitors could, in the first instance, cause an increase in stock market awareness, which could lead, in

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