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Pisces Horoscope 2019 month by month

Main predictions for sentimental life of Pisces in 2019:

  • Individuals have a great chance to start an intense and lasting relationship.
  • Beware of the tendency to make statements or promises that push you to engagements!
  • The Sun Eclipse can mark a new beginning in love.
  • Spectacular shots are possible.

Pisces and Love in 2019:

In relational terms, starting 2019 “with the right”. You notice yourself with voluptuousness, courtesy, and even cast an irresistible shadow of mystery over romantic intentions.

It is very possible to try an unexpected attraction to a friend or a girlfriend. This person does not leave too easily, and if any of you are married, the chances of a link are weak. You even risk taking a rough, but necessary life lesson.

Single Pisces have a great chance to start a love affair that, even if it starts hard, promises to be deep, intense and even unexpectedly long. It is not excluded that, starting from a friend, you can get to “and have lived happily ever after.”

If you count among Pisces who do not want to stay too soon at their home, it is important to be careful what you say, because you can wake up making promises or statements that can be interpreted as long-term commitments. Then, by the end of the year, you risk being faced with these promises and being pushed to the civilian officer.

The months of the summer of 2019 are full of events at a relational level, but many of them may be perceived by Pisces as constraints, an unwanted reminder of their responsibilities within the couple. But if you learn to take over and carry on the tasks you get, you can win the trust of your loved one. It is desirable to understand that any relationship needs a lot of work and can not work only on the basis of romantic statements, eroticism and dramatic scenes.

May and June are good for memorable moments, as well as for activities to reawaken the passion of the couple, to give the partners the appetite for flirting and fun.

Also between May and June 2019, Pisces looking for a pair have a good chance of finding the right person, with whom to spend an unforgettable vacation or perhaps even more.

On July 13, 2019, there is a solar eclipse in the house of Cancer’s love and children. This moment can mark a new beginning in love, both for married Pisces and for those who want to find a pair. It may also mean the beginning of a period during which you are likely to find new ways of expressing your affection to your loved one but also to your own children if you have.

Between July 26 and August 19, 2019, Mercury, the master of the Pisces House, relegates to House VI, drawing attention to how you manage your daily life with your mate. It may be that during this time, unpleasant conversations, contradictory, may occur, and your life partner seeks to put you in many reps. It would be good not to let yourself be dominated, but to do it so that you review together the rules of cohabitation and priorities, and share the duties equitably. After August 19, when Mercury resumes direct walking, you can put into practice everything you’ve agreed.

August and September 2019 are favorable to Pisces who want to deepen a sentimental relationship, to propel it into a new, more stable stage. For example, a relationship that just seemed physics could turn into a more serious partnership. Or a newer relationship may go into the erotic fusion phase.

If you’ve made the right decision or not, you can see the Venus relegation period, that is, between 5 October and 16 November. Now is the time to give you a reflection, to try to determine if you were realistic or if you have (again) made too much illusions.

The October 5th to November 16th may be marked by a series of doubts and suspicions about the loved one, or maybe the re-emergence of an old love that proposes a re-empowerment and a long-term relationship. recommends that you resist the temptation to return to the past and not make long-term decisions such as marriage or divorce.

A possible long-distance relationship or sharing may give you headaches by the end of the year if we consider the latest relegation of Mercury in 2019 between November 17 and December 6.

The status of your relationships may change at the end of the year, and in the second half of December you may have to draw a series of conclusions and make them known.